Mini Kaiseki for Beyond Grits (Lexington’s Restaurant Week)

For Beyond Grits which begins July 25 and runs through August 3rd, School will be offering at $25 mini kaiseki. A Kaiseki is a traditional Japanese meal composed of several dishes or courses. Kaiseki is set menu of select food served on an individual tray (to each member of a gathering). It traditionally includes sushi, sashimi, a grilled dish, a fried dish, a nimono (a dish cooked in dashi), a soup, a salad and dessert. In the present day, kaiseki is a type of art form that balances the taste, texture, appearance, and colors of food. To this end, only fresh seasonal ingredients are used and are prepared in ways that aim to enhance their flavor. School’s mini kaiseki will include nine small portions. These will be miso soup, tuna and salmon sashimi, a choice of sushi rolls, hijiki, yaki tori, seaweed salad, fried eggplant served with dashi, tempura and dessert. We will be describing each of these courses in greater detail in the next few weeks.



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